Wall Panels & Roof Trusses
Pre-assembled wall panels and trusses have added efficiency and flexibility as compared to job site construction. Wall panels and trusses enable you to replace elements of stick construction with components manufactured away from the job site. Components are built completely under roof using precision equipment. The major benefits you will experience are greater accuracy, lower labor costs, and faster construction.
Build a Better Structure In Less Time and Save Money!
At Better Living, your construction plans are transferred to our computer, where software is designed to catch and correct errors before they reach the job site. Our software is also designed to optimize standard dimensions of lumber. Through efficient specification of materials and elimination of errors we help lower the cost of supplies. At Better Living we use only top quality building materials and guarantee your package price!

No Hidden Cost
You can budget your project with confidence. Your order is delivered to the job site ON TIME, allowing you to plan and maintain a realistic construction schedule. Wall panels erect quickly, so you can hire a smaller work crew than you would need for a shorter period of time. Most houses are under roof within one day... and many are under lock and key the very same day. The result is lower risk of damage due to weather and less job site theft.

Is It Difficult To Erect Wall Panels?
NOT AT ALL! Panels can be positioned and anchored to a proper foundation literally within minutes. We label your plans and we label the wall panels. This eliminates any confusion over wall panel placement at the construction site.

What Is Included In a Typical Wall Panel Package?
• Detailed plan
• One-on-one planning with our panel department
• Numbered panels for ease of erection on site
• Corresponding numbers are labeled on the construction plans
• Panel studs are all 16" on center with double 2 x 4 top plates
• Exterior and interior bearing headers are 2 x 12
• Sheathing of your choice applies to exterior walls
• Windows can be preset as an option
• Fire blocking is installed in any wall over 8. high
• Kitchen cabinet blocking with fire blocking is applied
• Kitchen cabinet soffits are built
• Medicine cabinet rough openings are placed to your specs
• Beam pockets for porch beam supports are placed in walls
• Porch beams built
• 2 x 10 girders built and numbered left to right
• Truss gables sheathed
• Gable ladders built using 2 x 6
• Extra fireplace sections are available
• Double sills at all windows
• Crane straps can be applied to exterior walls
• Tyvek can be applied as an option
• Special arch window or door rough openings are made
• Also available... floor joists layout with all dimensions
• We also stock Tyvek as our air infiltration barrier

Not included: electrical, plumbing, insulation and drywall.
Is Panelized Construction as Good as Stick Construction?
YOU BET! At Better Living we've taken the time to examine the automated building industry and have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained personnel. The quality which we produce stems from the best technology available in the industry. Our factory is totally equipped to manufacture large capacity, precise wall panels... completely under-roof. Our Diamond Quad FramerTM and pneumatic tools enable precision cutting, fastening and construction far superior to standard equipment. The benefits to you are guaranteed accuracy, reliable delivery, and faster job site construction.

At Better Living we provide excellent customer service and very competitive prices on all our factory built systems! Our quality engineered trusses enable contractors to produce quality construction that is FASTER... EASIER... and LESS EXPENSIVE! Saving both time and money.

Minimize Weather Delays!
Trusses are produced under factory roof and delivered to the job site to meet your construction schedule. Erection moves swiftly because trusses are "ready to go" when they arrive. Quick enclosure minimizes weather delays to your project. When you use trusses there are NO MATERIAL SHORTAGES and NO PROBLEMS with the ceiling and roof line.

Trusses Save You... Materials!
Trusses are able to withstand twice the load of conventional framing. Trusses are spaced 24" on center in comparison to rafter framing which is spaced 16" on center. Unless specified by code or specific job conditions, trusses do not require interior walls or double floor joists.

Trusses Save You... Labor!
Factory engineered trusses do not require highly skilled labor for erection at the job site. The entire roof structure is delivered at one time making it possible to have an average home under roof in half a day. Plus, there is virtually NO CLEANUP. The elimination of load bearing partitions enables floor systems to be put in place at one time with minimal cutting and fitting. And you won.t fret over changes! Accurate implementation of design variations are easy to achieve with factory construction!

Trusses Save You... Money!
Your project stays on budget when costs are known up front. There is no guess work! We guarantee price and quality of our systems. You.ll save on labor because trusses erect easily, allowing you to hire a less skilled crew for a shorter period of time. Factory built trusses eliminate time and materials lost due to job site errors. Your project is under roof quickly leaving less temptation for job site theft!
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Steve and Liz Colvin Built This House Themselves!
Here's their panel story:

"Better Living helped us every step of the way. The first step was computerizing and printing the building plans which we used to get our building permit. Our panelpackage consisted of factory built roof trusses, exterior wall panels, and interior framing panels. Panels included the blocking for our kitchen cabinets, as well as openings for our specific doors and windows. Each wall panel on our computer plan was numbered to match the physical panel delivered to our jobsite. Exterior and interior walls went up with ease. Liz and I set the last 16' exterior panel on the second floor by crane. It was the center-most panel and we had already set panels to the left and right. I'll admit we were nervous that it might not fit, but it slipped into place like a piece in a puzzle. We were amazed at how well everything just fit!"
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